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Rafael Vargas-Suarez, who signs his artworks as "Vargas-Suarez Universal", is a Mexican-born artist living in New York and working internationally. He studied astronomy and art history at the University of Texas at Austin and moved to New York City in 1997. He is primarily known for large-scale murals, paintings, drawings, and sound recordings. He sources American, Russian, European, Canadian and Japanese spaceflight programs, astronomy, and aerospace architecture to create commissioned, studio-based and public artworks for museums, galleries, private and public spaces.  Link: 


Karen Davidov is an independent art and design producer experienced in environmental design, product development, and graphics. Currently, Karen consults on the DC Public Library's Art in the Libraries Program working with architectural firms, local arts organizations, and government agencies to place large scale public works in new and historic buildings. Karen is one of the founders of the Robin Hood Foundation's L!BRARY program for NYC public school libraries, each of which incorporate graphics and imagery by notable children's book inllustrators and designers. Link:

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