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WALK with Michael Hoepfner

Walking can be understood as a way to get in touch with our environment and our body. Urban architecture, nature or wilderness make us move differently. Art picks up these daily routines, questions the way we live and deal with our environment. A 2-day walk from the urban center of Bishkek south to the foot of the mountains resulted in an installation that reflects the experiences of the step by step movements of a group of 15 students of Chuikov Art School and young artists from Bishkek and Austrian artist Michael Hoepfner.

Michael Hoepfner is an artist from Austria. Erosion, identity, memory, and dispersion are the key words in Michael Höpfner’s artistic investigations. Over the past years, the artist’s practice has focused on geographical and cultural wanderings, performed by crossing—through the slow pace of walking—a multitude of lands in various continents, from the mountainous regions of China and Tibet up to the countryside of Mediterranean Europe.

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