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"Kachan?" "When?"

The exhbition "Topografica" that took place at AUCA in October through December 2015 was one of the most unusual and interesting events that rarely take place in our country. With the arrive to the new campus of AUCA, I was pleasantly surprised by the presence of a number of impressive artworks, each of which made me stare at for a few minutes. Of all the other great works I was most interested in the works of Chyngyz Aidarov "Kachan? ("When?") and "Bosogo" ("Barefoot").

Chyngyz Aydarov is one of the youngest and most talented contemporary artists that addresses the social problems of society through art. When I met him, I was impressed by his views on life. He is one of those people who are not afraid of expressing the ideas, the opinion and views on life and modern society.

«Kachan?» (When?) Project

«Kachan? (When?) When will we stop grouping into us and others? When will we stop dividing the world into black and white? When will we stop interrupting each other and will start listening to each other? When will this mess all over the world finally end? When will we fulfill the promises givern to ourselves? When? I do not expect an answer» - says Chyngyz Aidarov.

"Bosogo" ("Barefoot") Project

In this work the artist touches on the subject of how we are being dragged back to our roots. "Roughly speaking – we are told to wear kalpak (felt hat), to drink kumys (mare's milk) and to eat only meat!nBecause the Kyrgyz "zharashpayt" (Translation: Do not go with) eating vegan, doing yoga and etc. I understand that this is due to rigid globalization. And our home-grown nationalists aka patriots are afraid that Kyrgyzness will be dissolved in it. I believe that it will fade if we do not begin to "create" something new, while remembering the past, but without clinging to it and to the past achievements."

photos: courtesy of artist

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