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"Darned Area" by Saule Dyussenbina

Every art person has an explanation of his or her piece of art. Saule Dyussenbina explained the red ropes installed between the floors at AUCA in a way that she "darned the hole".

"An abandoned place is a place where people previously used to live and work, then left. What made them leave those places? Time? Circumstances? How many such places are on the Earth? Before when we live there, those places were filled with sounds, someones thoughts, destiny, history. Now it is filled with emptiness and devastation where everything is slowly fading. There comes a question, maybe it is not the past, but our future?"

Hence, Saule doesn't want to face that future instead she will darn the future of time, by darning the photograpghs of those places. Saule thinks that every human being can resist the ravages of time, build new buildings, create new meanings and spread new knowledge. But it is great thing that Saule's grandmother had taught her to darn, exactly by darning she is saving those places.

"Darned Area"

"Memory Card"

I have kept them in my computer for several years – those faded photos of people who have long passed away that someone brought as a preparatory material for the «Nomad» movie. I would open and look through them from time to time – at first as a historic and exotic given, easily presented yet rather unnecessary, gazing at an outward entourage only; but as i peered into them little by little i began to recognize an excitement arising within. Things that used to appear so distant and unnecessary have now drawn near and came alive.

I began to see myself – in a girl looking out of the corners of her eyes becouse of the bright sun; in a young woman with a face that is both soft and troubled; in a mother next to her sleeping baby; and woman busy with their chores. They became a part of my memories of things that had never happened to me; things that i had never seen nor felt. That touched me and led me to take up a pen.

This series of papers titled «Memory Card» is an attempt to find myself in these faces; to perceive my identity; to realize who you are and to came back from unconsciousness.

photographs: courtesy of artist

Карта памяти

Они хранились в моем компьютере в течение нескольких лет, эти выцветшие фотографии давно не ставших, людей, принесенные кем-то, как подготовительный материал к фильму «Кочевник». Время от времени, я открывала и просматривала их. Сначала как историко-экзотическую данность, легко подаренную и не совсем нужную, смотря лишь на внешний антураж. Но постепенно, всматриваясь, различала растущее во мне волнение. То что казалось таким далеким и ненужным приблизилось и стало одушевленным.

Я стала узнавать себя в этой девочке, смотрящей исподлобья из-за солнца, и в молодой женщине, с лицом одновременно нежным и беспокойным, и в матери около спящего ребенка, и в занятых делами женщинах. Они стали частью моей памяти о том, чего со мной никогда не было, чего я никогда не видела и не чувствовала. Это волновало меня и заставило взяться за карандаш.

Эта серия работ под названием «Карта памяти» - попытка найти себя в этих лицах, почувствовать свою тождественность и идентичность, ощутить кто ты и вернуться из беспамятства.

фотографии предоставлены художником

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